Podcast Mini Workshop


Unlock Your Podcasting Potential in Just 70 Minutes!

You will walk out of this workshop with a Podcast, and with the simple steps to stay in momentum.

Have you ever dreamed of launching your very own podcast but felt overwhelmed by the technicalities and unsure where to begin?

Look no further! My workshop, “How to Launch Your Podcast in 70 Minutes,” is your gateway to podcasting success.

join Me for The Podcast Mini Workshop

No Fancy Tech Setup or Equipment Needed! I’ll Help You…


Podcast Setup: Yes! Actually Set Up Your Podcast! We will do it together.


Finding Engaging Interviews: Discover the secrets to securing exciting interviews that captivate your audience and add value to your podcast.


How to Record Your Episodes: I’ll walk you through the recording process, whether you are recording yourself or with a guest.


The Podcasting Mindset: Get into the right frame of mind with strategies for dealing with perfectionism, self-doubt, and overcoming any hurdles that come your way.


SUPER HOT BONUS #1: Swipe file -Scripts for how to approach people to come on your podcast


SUPER HOT BONUS #2: SOP for how to sync your podcast to the platforms


SUPER HOT BONUS #3: Access to a pre recorded deep listening workshop that helps you have more genuine interviews

Why Choose My Workshop?

  • Efficiency : I understand that your time is precious. That’s why I’ve condensed all the crucial information and strategies into just 70 minutes, giving you a quick and comprehensive overview of podcasting.
  • Practical Insights : I focus on actionable steps you can implement immediately. No fluff, no jargon—just practical guidance to kickstart your podcasting journey.
  • Connection : Your podcast is more than just audio—it’s your voice, your story, and the best business card in the world. Podcasting establishes a direct and personal connection with your audience that no other medium can match. Let me show you how to harness this powerful tool to leave a lasting impression and make meaningful connections in your field.
  • Access to a Network and Community of People to Interview : Gain access to a diverse network of potential guests for your podcast. Our community provides you with a valuable resource for finding compelling guests to feature on your show.
  • Proven Formula and Framework : Overcome common challenges such as perfectionism, fear, imposter syndrome, or any other obstacles that have held you back from starting your podcast. Our proven formula and framework will empower you to overcome these barriers and unleash your true podcasting potential.
  • Listed on the Do The Thing Podcast Directory : By being listed on our Podcast Directory, your podcast becomes more easily discoverable to individuals and community members actively seeking new podcasts to listen to.
  • And of course there is ME : My name is Stacey Lauren, and I have helped hundreds of people start podcasts, and get out of their own way to actually get it launched now vs waiting another year.

Don’t let anything hold you back from sharing your unique voice with the world. Join our “Podcast Mini Workshop” today and unlock the power of podcasting.